Group Walks


When your dog goes on a group walk with Green Dog, it is not your average stroll around the block. Our group outings take your pet out to adventures in some of the most beautiful natural parks and trails in the Bay Area; from the shaded trails of Wildcat canyon, to swimming in the bay with friends and playing catch at the # 1 ranked dog park in North America, Point Isabel, your dog will enjoy supervised playtime that is focused on the exercise that is best suited for them. I believe that by varying the terrain our dogs get to explore they are kept happy, active, and interested, because dogs, like people, can become bored with the same old routine. I reinforce good trail manners and practice rewarded recall. Our group walks last for at least one hour from the time your pet hits the trail. Your pet will be picked up and dropped off by me in my Biodiesel van that has been soundproofed and modified to be the doggie-mobile your pet deserves. Dirty dogs are always rinsed and towel-dried before being returned to your home.


  • $27- 1 hour (or longer) group hike
  • $47- 1 hour (or longer) group hike for two dogs of the same household




In order to provide the most comfortable stay for your pet, I only board 2 dogs at a time in my home. Once here, your pet will be treated as if it is my own, which means that besides getting to hang out, play with toys, watch movies, sit in the sun, and get lots of love, we will also go out on a standard 1 hour walk everyday unless, for any reason, you request otherwise. Note: For safety reasons, boarding is provided for dogs only. Please see my information on Pet Visits if you need cat care.


$60 cash/$65 check- Per dog, Per day



Pet Visits / Individual Walks

If your dog prefers to stay at their own house while you are away, or you have a kitty that needs some attention too, I am also available for drop in visits. For cats this means I will feed them and give them fresh water, clean their litter box, give them any medication they may take, bring in your mail, spend some play time, and brush them (if they like that). For dogs the visit will be much the same but will include a neighborhood walk for them to get out for some fresh air and to have a potty break.


$35 check- 1 half-hour visit